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  • 留学生の異文化体験/Cultural Experience for Foreign Students


留学生の異文化体験/Cultural Experience for Foreign Students






 At the beginning of February, Junior high school students and foreign students sponsored by ASIA KAKEHASHI PROJECT experienced mamemaki at setsubun (The last day of winter) and decorated hina ningyo (Hina doll). Junior high school students explained what is these culture to foreign students in English that was also a good opportunity for Junior Highschool students to rethink about Japanese culture. On February 17, yukata (casual kimono for summer season) which foreign students have started to make since the third semester finally completed. They learned how to wear it and took picture in front of hina ningyo with big smile. They have cultivated a better understanding of Japanese culture through experiences.


 Only one month until they go back to their home country. We hope that both our students and foreign students will continue to interact.