• お知らせ
  • 中学1年生の英語の授業に留学生が参加しました




それぞれミャンマー・インド・スリランカ・マレーシア出身の留学生たちは現在本校の高校に通っています。中学生から “Please introduce yourself in your language.” と尋ね、留学生たちは自国の言葉を紹介してくれました。生徒達はそれぞれの国の言葉を発音してみたり、これまで習った英語をたくさん使いながら会話を楽しんだりと、初めて聞く言葉に目を輝かせていました。



On the 2nd of November, four exchange students studying at our high school joined our first-year junior high school students during their English classes. The exchange students are from Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. During the class, 7th grade students asked each exchange student to introduce herself in her first language. 7th grade students had a great time learning a little bit about the exchange students’ languages. They also liked communicating with the guests in English, while exchange students enjoyed telling the junior high school students about themselves.

These opportunities to communicate in English with new friends from abroad help stimulate students’ curiosity and interest in learning English. Our students are already looking forward to the next opportunity to make new friends and learn about different cultures!