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  • ウズベキスタン ウェストミンスターアカデミックライシアム高校を学校連携のため訪問しました


ウズベキスタン ウェストミンスターアカデミックライシアム高校を学校連携のため訪問しました




On 29th of October, we signed an MoU with Academic Lyceum of Westminster International University in Tashkent (WIUTAL). WIUTAL is an vocational education institution in the Republic of Uzbekistan which conducts its activities in close cooperation with Westminster International University in Tashkent. They have been participating in our event, "Food Summit" since 2017. Through our MOU we are looking forward to strengthening our collaborations through various study programs, events and many others. Through this we hope that we can create a better education for both of our students.


We are so impressed with their hospitality during our visit, and many questions from students in WIUTAL made us ensure our relationship will for sure last long.