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  • 【 高校1年生 アメリカフィールドワーク 5日目 】 / America Field Work [5th Day]


【 高校1年生 アメリカフィールドワーク 5日目 】 / America Field Work [5th Day]









In the morning, the students visited a kindergarten. There, the American children participated in the traditional games our students had prepared. Today’s experience was different from the other day at the community center. Now, the students had to be creative in order to get the young children understand and enjoy the activities. The students did their best to communicate and entertain the participants. 


During the afternoon classes, students listened carefully to the English speaking teachers. Even if sometimes it was hard, they tried to keep up with the natural speed of spoken English.


The students have changed during these five days in the US. They are less nervous now and eager to absorb every positive experience of their trip. When there is something they don’t understand, they take notes to research later. They are full of intellectual curiosity and hopefully they will make the best of the time.