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  • 【 高校1年生 アメリカフィールドワーク 3日目 】 / America Field Work [3rd Day]


【 高校1年生 アメリカフィールドワーク 3日目 】 / America Field Work [3rd Day]










This morning we visited Clover Leaf Farm. It is a 100 acre farm where various crops are grown and harvested. Thanks to the engineering assistance received from the United States Department of Agriculture, the farm uses advanced agricultural technologies. As an SGH school, our students are engaged in research in food issues. Today, they listened carefully and took notes during the lecture at Clover Leaf Farm. After that, we visited University of California, Davis Campus, which is a leading institution in the agricultural field.


After lunch, we visited Jelly Belly Factory, a famous sweets factory founded over 100 years ago. The students learned about the history, manufacturing technologies and managerial strategies of the factory. The pop atmosphere and the sweet fragrance drifting in the air made students enjoy the tour from the beginning to the end.


We are now in the 3rd day in America, and the students have now become familiar with the culture and traditions of this country. Tomorrow they will actively participate in classes towards their learning goals.