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  • 【 高校1年生 アメリカフィールドワーク 2日目 】 / America Field Work [2nd Day]


【 高校1年生 アメリカフィールドワーク 2日目 】 / America Field Work [2nd Day]










Today was the first school day at Corning High School. We had a campus tour and observed some lessons. The students were impressed by the school facilities. After that, the students joined their host sisters in classes or for lunch. Our students tried hard to understand the English classes held by native speakers. Even some students who in Japan were confident with their English ability, now struggled to understand the spoken English. Some of them commented: “I couldn’t catch what the teacher said”. Although that made them sad, the students realized that they have to overcome this difficulty. Understanding one’s weak point made the students raise their motivation to learn and to grow.


After the afternoon classes, the host families and host sisters gave a party. Our students danced Soran Bushi, vividly sang the school song and received warm applauses from the audience.


Today was a good opportunity for students to learn from difficulties and understand what they need to focus on in their learning. We hope to see them actively involved in tomorrow’s training as well.