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  • 高校2年SGコースの海外フィールドワークの様子【6日目】/ Field trip abroad. Day 6


高校2年SGコースの海外フィールドワークの様子【6日目】/ Field trip abroad. Day 6











Today marks the last day of our field work in Singapore, and it has been very busy.  Students began the day by visiting the Singapore Kikkoman factory, followed by a tour of Singapore’s water reclamation project, and finally a night safari.

The Kikkoman factory tour gave students a great deal of information regarding the famous soy sauce brand.   Students learned about Kikkoman’s history and growth into an international brand.  They also learned about the production and brewing process of the different varieties of soy sauce, including a completely alcohol-free Halal variation marketed to mostly Muslim countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia.  This information session helped students appreciate the need to share and understand food culture in order to succeed internationally.

Singapore’s water reclamation project, called NEWater, gave students a view into the advanced technologies used in modern water treatment and recycling.  Keeping with the theme of “Water issues” from this year’s food summit, this tour gave students insight into the potential to improve wat quality in countries where clean, potable water is scarce.

With sunset, students enjoyed a tram-car tour of Singapore Zoo’s animal enclosures and even some free-range animal areas.  The tour gave students to see several rare species such as Asian white lions, elephants, and Malay tigers.  It was an informative tour, focused on animal conservation.  The students were delighted to see many beautiful wild animals up close.

This last day of the field work was very busy, and by the time we reached the airport, students were very ready to get home, but they have had a valuable and memorable experience for the past few days.  They have learned various things and made precious memories that can help them be better leaders as their lives progress. Some of the students even visibly grew up a little because of their expanded horizons.