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  • 高校2年SGコースの海外フィールドワークの様子【7日目】/ Field trip abroad. Day 7


高校2年SGコースの海外フィールドワークの様子【7日目】/ Field trip abroad. Day 7







The SG class has arrived back in Fukuoka safely.   Students checked in to Changi Airport in Singapore around 11 PM Singapore time, did some last minute souvenir shopping, and boarded the plane just before 1:00 AM (that is 2:00 AM Japan time). 

The flight was smooth and uneventful, and finished with a flawless landing just after 8:00 AM.  After clearing customs and thanking the Ms. Mori, the travel assistant who accompanied the class for the past week, students went their separate ways to rest and recuperate from a long and busy week.

During the past few days, students have been presented with many opportunities to better understand other traditions and cultures, as well as reflect more about their own perspectives and cultures.  In this way, everyone involved had a good chance to expand their understanding, broaden their horizons, and appreciate the interconnectedness of the world a little more. 

We hope that the students will hold onto what they have learned and experienced to become better, stronger, and more global citizens in the future.