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  • 高校2年SGコースの海外フィールドワークの様子【5日目】/ Field trip abroad. Day 5


高校2年SGコースの海外フィールドワークの様子【5日目】/ Field trip abroad. Day 5

平成30年11月1日(木) 午前、SGクラスの生徒たちはマレーシアを後にしました。マレーシアとシンガポールが近いことは頭ではわかっているものの、こうして短い橋が2つの国を繋いでいることを目の当たりにした生徒たちは、驚きを隠せない様子でした。








The SG class said goodbye to Malaysia this morning.  After a short bus ride and a smooth border-crossing, we were back in Singapore.  Although they all understood how close Malaysia and Singapore are to each other, many of the students were still surprised when they realized that a short bridge connects the two nations.  Looking behind us, we could see the towering mansions of Johor Bahru.  Looking ahead, we could see the towering mansions of Singapore.  

The majority of the day was spent in tourist mode.  Students had lunch and a bit of souvenir shopping at Singapore’s Chinatown area.  There, they could clearly see the strong influence of Chinese culture on modern Singapore.  After lunch, they travelled to the famous Merlion Park.  Students walked along Singapore’s historic Jubilee Walk, where they learned a bit about the history of modern Singapore, and the European influence on  this multicultural nation.  Then, students visited Arab Street, Singapore’s Muslim district.  There, they could see the strong influence of Arab and Islamic culture here.  The last stop before arriving at the hotel was Little India, where students were treated to the colorful decorations of the Hindu Festival of Lights called Deepvali (or more commonly, Diwali).

Through today’s stops, students could clearly recognize the importance of multiculturalism to Singapore’s success and growth as a country.  We hope that the students can hold onto such a multicultural out look as they become tomorrow’s leaders in a global society.