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  • 高校2年SGコースの海外フィールドワークの様子【3日目】/ Field trip abroad. Day 3


高校2年SGコースの海外フィールドワークの様子【3日目】/ Field trip abroad. Day 3

平成30年10月30日(火) 、午前中はマレーシア工科大学で講義を受けた後、大学の学生たちとグループディスカッションをしました。 


Norhaliza Abd Halim教授の講義はハラルフードについてのもので、ハラルというのは食材そのものだけでなく、生産や加工の過程全てを指すものであるということを学びました。講義の後は、大学の学生たちとグループディスカッションを行い、マレーシアと日本の食文化の様々な側面について討論しました。 






The SG students spent the morning attending a lecture and group discussion at the University of Technology of Malaysia.


Dr. Norhaliza Abd Halim of UTM’s Faculty of Built Environment and Surveying gave an informative talk about Halal food. Students learned that Halal doesn’t just refer to food, but to the entire process of production and manufacture of everyday goods and foods. After the lecture, Nakamura students had group discussions with UTM students and compared aspects of the food culture of Japan to that of Malaysia.


In the afternoon, Nakamura’s students returned to SIGS to join in traditional Malaysian batik and music. The SG class greatly enjoyed trying new instruments and crafting. After the music and crafts, SIGS and Nakamura students had a fun time sharing games.


Finally, we said goodbye to our sisters at SIGS. Nakamura’s students all made new friends, and as the bus pulled away, many of our girls were crying. It was a moving and emotional moment for everyone. We hope that these new friendships will last a lifetime, and that the students will keep this experience in their minds and hearts as they grow and venture into the world.