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  • 高校1年 SGコース希望者対象の外務省「高校講座」を行いました


高校1年 SGコース希望者対象の外務省「高校講座」を行いました

2018年7月17日(火) 、高校2・3年生のSGコース及び高校1年生のSGコース希望者を対象とした外務省「高校講座」を行いました。講師には、外務省の国際協力局開発協力総括課の矢間課長補佐をお招きして「外務省という選択,わたしの経験」というテーマで講義を行っていただきました。






On the 17th of July, we welcomed Mr. Hideyuki Yazama from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) as a guest lecturer.  SG class students from both 11th and 12th grades, as well as other students who have interests in foreign affairs, attended.  Mr. Yazama introduced his ideas and thoughts based on his 20 years of his career experience as an officer of MOFA. He also taught us that building good relationships with foreign countries is the most significant key to solve global issues. It was interesting to learn how Mr.Yazama sees foreign affairs in person, as we do not have many opportunities to hear directly from those who work at central government ministries and agencies.


We believe that this lecture provided students with a new perspective and showed how learning and problem solving in our daily lives are related to problem solving in society and even on a global scale.