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  • 第15回英語ディベート大会に参加しました! / SG students’ Participation in Debate Contest


第15回英語ディベート大会に参加しました! / SG students’ Participation in Debate Contest

平成30年7月14日(土)、九州大学伊都キャンパスで開催された日本ディベート協会九州支部、九州大学大学院言語文化研究院主催  第15回英語ディベート大会にSGクラスとSGクラブの生徒たちが参加しました。九州の大学や高校から22のチームが集まり、熱い議論を繰り広げました。今年のテーマは「日本は自発的な積極的安楽死を法的に認めるべきであるか否か」。テーマの難易度の高さに加え、これが初めてのディベート大会参加となった生徒が大半だったため、準備段階から大変でしたが、本番ではどの生徒も精一杯取り組んでいました。



On July 14th, 18 students from Nakamura joined the annual Exchange Debate Contest sponsored by Kyushu University and the Japan Debate Association. This is a yearly debate contest held in English.  22 teams from several Kyushu high schools and universities took part.  The topic of this year’s debate was “Japan should legalize voluntary active euthanasia.” For the Nakamura students, this was the first time to try debate. Although the topic is a very difficult one to discuss and it was a tough competition, Nakamura’s students showed great courage by taking the challenge to join this debate contest. 


Two teams from the 3rd year SG class were able to win one round of debate each.  That’s quite an achievement! All of our students gave good performances in their debates.  Most of the rounds were decided by only a few points. Although our students didn’t go to the finals round, they all did very well and had a positive experience.  This contest was a great opportunity to improve various skills such as critical thinking, research, and persuasion.  Of course, it was also a great chance to discuss and share ideas in English with people from all over Fukuoka and Saga. We are proud of the students for joining the debate contest, and we hope that in the future they will use what they gained from this experience.