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  • 多文化共生の第一歩「ハラル・ハラムについて学ぼう」/ Opening Our Eyes with the Example of Muslim Food Culture


多文化共生の第一歩「ハラル・ハラムについて学ぼう」/ Opening Our Eyes with the Example of Muslim Food Culture








On June 9th, we had a special lesson on Food and Society for the 11th Grade SG students. We invited Ms. Helmindawati Ishibashi as a guest lecturer.  This was her third visit to Nakamura to teach students about Islam, Muslim life in Fukuoka, and--of course--Halal cooking. Our students showed great interest in the lecture. Halal refers to what is permissible or lawful in traditional Islamic law while the antonym to halal is haram, which means unlawful or forbidden.


After the lecture, students came up with many thoughtful questions about Islamic food culture.  Students asked things like “What do you think of having meals together with people of other religions?” and “What happens when you eat haram food mistakenly?”  Ms.Ishibashi gave examples from her daily life in which she explained how Muslims deal with such situations.  It was an interesting and entertaining talk for everyone.


With the Tokyo Olympics fast approaching, Japan must prepare to welcome more and more foreign tourists.  This special lesson reminded us the importance of understanding other food cultures from around the world in order to be better hosts for our visitors.