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  • 【 高校1年生 アメリカフィールドワーク 4日目 】 / America Field Work [4th Day]


【 高校1年生 アメリカフィールドワーク 4日目 】 / America Field Work [4th Day]








On March 7th, Nakamura students joined their host sisters for morning classes.  Our girls tried their best to listen to the teachers in the lessons.


Although there are general similarities between classes in the US and in Japan, the Nakamura students also noted two major differences. First, many of the classes begin with 20 minutes of silent reading.  During this time, students read various books.  This encourages students to read more every day.


Secondly, students at CUH have more time to write essays than we have in class in Japan.  Writing essays help the students in CUH develop critical thinking skills and express their opinions.


After the morning sessions, we visited a senior citizens center near the school.  The elderly people welcomed us and we introduced some aspects of Japanese culture to them.  Afterwards, we played Japanese games: mametsukami (slippery Japanese chopsticks), karuta (Japanese traditional playing cards), kamifusen (paper balloon), origami (the art of folding paper) and fukuwarai (similar to “pin the tail on the donkey”).


The seniors and students had a great time together. Nakamura’s students were very saddened to leave and say goodbye to their new senior citizen friends. 


The morning classes and spending time with the senior citizens gave the Nakamura students a chance to reflect on the differences and similarities between cultures and between generations.