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  • 【 高校1年生 アメリカフィールドワーク 2日目 】 / America Field Work [2nd Day]


【 高校1年生 アメリカフィールドワーク 2日目 】 / America Field Work [2nd Day]






On March 5th, all of Nakamura Students started school at 8 A.M. at Corning Union High School, and had an orientation followed by a campus tour. 

Then, they met with their host sisters and went shadowing them to their classes. Nakamura’s students joined P.E., Economics, Music, Spanish, Math and other classes as well.   Our students experienced a different style of classes from what they are used to here in Japan.  They also did their best to listen to the teachers and follow the contents of the lessons.  Although some parts of the lessons were a challenge to follow, the students had a positive experience. 


After lunch, Nakamura students continued to join their host-sisters’ classes for the remainder of the day.  After classes were finished, they explored the campus and made some new friends..


Cardinal, school mascot welcomed us with a lot of hugs.


At the end of the day, we had a welcome party with all of the host families.  Each host family brought delicious finger foods and we enjoyed the dishes, Nakamura students sang the school anthem and performed Soranbushi in Happi.

The Corning Faculty, students, and their families all warmly welcomed us and everyone seemed to enjoy a fantastic night.