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  • 上海文来高校生が来校しました / Xinnan Bunrai High School students visited our school


上海文来高校生が来校しました / Xinnan Bunrai High School students visited our school









On Friday, January 25th, 18 students and a teacher from Shanghai’s Xinnan Bunrai High School visited our school during their school trip to Japan.


Although it was snowing outside when our guests arrived, they received a warm welcome from students of the SG course. After seeing a presentation about our school and Nakamura Gakuen, Xinnan Bunrai students enjoyed a trivia quiz about Fukuoka and Japan. Many students from Xinnan seemed to have fun at the time. After the quiz, SG students led the guests on a tour of the school.  The Xinnan students were excited to see Nakamura’s library since they take courses in Japanese.  At the end of the tour visit, members of Nakamura’s Koto Club gave a short performance for the Xinnan students, and also taught them some basics of playing Koto. 


Although it was only a three-hour visit, Xinnan and Nakamura’s students enjoyed their time together.  We hope that this experience will be the beginning of a long term cooperation between our schools.