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  • 高校2年SGコースの海外フィールドワークの様子【5日目】/ SG class field work abroad. Day 5:Discovering Singapore


高校2年SGコースの海外フィールドワークの様子【5日目】/ SG class field work abroad. Day 5:Discovering Singapore













Time flies when you’re having fun! This is the last day of our field trip to Malaysia and Singapore.  After departing Malaysia, we stopping in Singapore to visit Kikkoman Singapore Inc.  Kikkoman is a famous Japanese brand of soy sauce , as well as other flavorings. We learned about how Kikkoman promotes Japanese soy sauce to the Aisan market.  Since each Asian country has its own soy sauce, Kikkoman has had to put in a lot of effort to promote their brand. One interesting point we discovered is that Kikkoman provides halal soy sauce to the Muslim market.

Students enjoyed lunch in Chinatown, then spent time exploring the Little India and Arab Street areas.  By observing the interactions of people with many different cultural backgrounds, the students got an idea what it would be like to live in a more diverse society.

Students then visited PUB NEWater to learn how Singapore supplies clean water to its people.  We were delighted and surprised to find that some of the equipment and machinery used was produced by Japanese companies.

We hope that all the experiences the students had during this field trip will help broaden students’ interests and knowledge.