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  • 「食」のサミットの提言書を正式に提出しました!/ Officially Submitted our Joint Statement!


「食」のサミットの提言書を正式に提出しました!/ Officially Submitted our Joint Statement!






On October 4th, we completed the final activity for Food Summit 2017:  we officially submitted our Joint Statement to the Japan Association for the World Food Programme.


The teams at the Food Summit focused on several topics: Globalization and Traditional Food; Sustainability and Reduction of Wasteful Consumption; Eradication of Poverty and Hunger; and Health and Food Culture. As each team was focused on a different topic, it took quite a while to come up with a unified statement. However, after the group discussions, the participants were able to create a Joint Statement regarding the results of their discussions and research.


Through the Food Summit 2017, we hope that not only Nakamura students, but all people involved in the Summit could better understand the importance of both having awareness of global issues, as well as taking action to solve those issues.