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  • 高校1年生グローバルキャンパスの様子【 B団 最終日 】 / Global Campus (Group B Day 3 - Last Day)


高校1年生グローバルキャンパスの様子【 B団 最終日 】 / Global Campus (Group B Day 3 - Last Day)





This was the third and final day of Group B’ Global Campus experience. Representative groups from each class gave their final presentations. By reflecting on yesterday’s performances and considering advice from the Global Leaders, each group improved their presentations impressively. One group focused on the importance of preserving our own food cultures, and another group suggested solving starvation in Africa by farming ‘Superfoods’.  This has been a special opportunity for each student to think of world food issues from various points of view.


All the Global Leaders speak English fluently, even though it is not their native language.  Additionally, they are all learning Japanese as well as other foreign languages. For these three days the Global Leaders demonstrated an important message; “By mastering foreign languages, you will discover a new world.” Each student took this message and grew more motivated to learn more English and become more culturally aware of the world around them.