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  • 高校1年生グローバルキャンパスの様子【 B団 2日目 】 / Global Campus (Group B Day 2)


高校1年生グローバルキャンパスの様子【 B団 2日目 】 / Global Campus (Group B Day 2)





Our second day of Global Campus for this set of Nakamura students began with a presentation by a Global Leader from Fiji.  The theme of his presentation was “What Does it Mean to Live in a Global Society?”  He showed some similarities and differences between Fiji and Japan, and helped students recognize that global issues affect out daily life.  He also gave the students two keywords to remember to help realize their dreams in today’s global society: Communication and Network.  The Global Leaders’ positive attitudes toward their dreams were an inspiration to Nakamura’s students.


After the presentation, our students worked together to prepare their final presentations based of their research.  Although they tried hard to make their presentations in class, the students also found it very challenging.  “We can’t express our ideas well in English,” they said.  “Keeping eye-contact is difficult,” they added.  Finally, some also said “Planning is important.”  These realizations will help the students better prepare for their future school and work lives.