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  • 高校1年生グローバルキャンパスの様子【 B団 1日目 】 / Global Campus (Group B 1st Day)


高校1年生グローバルキャンパスの様子【 B団 1日目 】 / Global Campus (Group B 1st Day)






The second group of Nakamura students has started Global Campus. The students were warmly welcomed by APU’s Global Leaders.  Like the first set of Nakamura students, this set began with a flag-making activity.  One group made a colorful flag and explained, “Green means peace, yellow means light, pink means love, blue means justice, and using all these colors means unity.” By discussing the images of colors with Global Leaders, the students realized that different cultures associate different ideas to different colors.  we have some different ideas according to cultures.


Afterwards, the students tried asking the Global Leaders questions regarding their research on food issues. Receiving various information, Nakamura students showed more interest in world food issues.