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  • 高2年生 SGコース探究科「食と環境」の講話が行われました / Guest Speaker for "Food and Environment"


高2年生 SGコース探究科「食と環境」の講話が行われました / Guest Speaker for "Food and Environment"




On August 22nd, Mr. Yoshihiko Eguchi of Kyushu University was a gust lecturer for the 11th grade SG students’ research class. First, Mr. Eguchi explained what agriculture is, and what Kyushu University’s Agriculture Department researches in general.  He then explained to us how the environment of growing crops makes differences to the products. For example,  this is why oranges grown in one place may taste different from oranges grown in another.  As each region of Japan has a different climate, the agriculture of Japan has a great variety.  Mr. Eguchi’s lecture helped us consider the importance of variety and the idea of local production for local consumption.


Agriculture is perhaps the most significant element of our lives.  Civilization as we know it grew from agriculture.  As such, it is important for us to know and understand the various ways agriculture differs from place to place.  We hope the students gained insight into these differences and can use the knowledge in their futures.