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  • SGコース生徒がディベート大会で健闘!/ Debate Competition of SG-Class


SGコース生徒がディベート大会で健闘!/ Debate Competition of SG-Class




On Saturday, July 8, four students from the 3rd year SGH class participated in Seinan University’s Exchange Debate Contest. This debate contest is an annual event, and features policy debates held in English. This year, a total of fourteen teams of students and adults from around Fukuoka came to take part in this contest. The topic of the debate was immigration reform in Japan.  It was a difficult topic to argue, even in their native language. The students had to argue both for and against the topic.
This was their first debate outside of class ever. Impressively, the Nakamura students won the first two rounds of debate! Unfortunately, the Nakamura team didn’t quite qualify for the final round because of points. However, we should all be very proud of them for even making the effort to debate a difficult topic in English. And we are thrilled that they won their two rounds.
We are sure that this will give the participants a boost in confidence, and we look forward to getting more students involved in debates and speaking tournaments in the future.