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  • 高3SGコース対象の進路講演を実施しました / Special Lecture by Alumni


高3SGコース対象の進路講演を実施しました / Special Lecture by Alumni


H27年度に本校を卒業し、NIC international college in JapanやMcDaniel collegeでの学びを経て、今年の9月にハンガリー国立Semmelweis University, Medicine(センメルワイス大学医学部医学科)に入学予定の佐藤百華さんに進路についての講演をしていただきました。




On 5th of July, SG students welcomed a Nakamura alumni, Ms.Momoka Sato as a guest lecturer. Ms.Sato graduated Nakamura in 2015, and then studied at NIC International College in Japan to prepare for studying abroad. She then went on to study pre-medical at McDaniel College in Budapest, Hungary. In September 2017, she will begin studies at Semmelweis University, a medical school also in Budapest.


Because of her unique perspective, Momoka’s lecture focused on career planning, and her overseas study experiences.


Momoka’s talk captivated the ST students, she spoke about how while she was still attending Nakamura, and she made her decision to study abroad. She also described the process of planning her career, and shared what she has learned from her overseas experience.

Additionally, Momoka advised students that they should not worry to much about their future, having a positive attitude will help people enjoy the moment, while positive steps will lead to their best path. We hope the students have gained some extra self-confidence from learning about Ms.Sato’s experiences.