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  • SGクラブで探究活動をスタート / We started a research project at SG-Club


SGクラブで探究活動をスタート / We started a research project at SG-Club








On June 9th, SG Club began its first major activity, a research project.  As the main topic of the SGH program at Nakamura is Food, our first research topic focuses on food as it relates to local identity. We would like our students to be aware that understanding ourselves and our home country is a significant step to learning about other cultures. So, the students will research about the history of certain local dishes, and how they came to be distinctly associated with the Fukuoka area. Students listened to a presentation by Ms. Shoji, a Nakamura alum and now an English teacher for Nakamura Girls’ High School. From Ms. Shoji’s presentations, we gained some knowledge on how to interest other people to know more about Nakamura.


We are looking forward to hearing the club members give presentations on their research!