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  • 第2クール「食と社会文化」でハラル調理実習 / “Food and Society” Halal Cooking


第2クール「食と社会文化」でハラル調理実習 / “Food and Society” Halal Cooking





On June 10th, we had a special lesson on Food and Society for the 11th Grade SG students.  We invited Ms. Helmindawati Ishibashi for the second time from last yearas a guest lecturer to teach students about Islam, Muslim life in Fukuoka, and of course, Halal cooking.  The students showed great interest in the lecture and asked many pointed questions.  By listening to Ms. Ishibashi’s answers, the students could gain a deeper knowledge of life for Muslims in Japan.

After the lecture, the students enjoyed a lesson in Halal cooking with Ms. Ishibashi.  They cooked yellowtail with sweet soy sauce and then deep-fried spring rolls.  Instead of pork, egg was used as spring-roll filling.  Additionally, instead of using sake in the cooking, students used boiling water to eliminate odors from fish.


As Fukuoka gains more and more foreigners, it becomes a more internationally minded city.  We will likely have occasion to dine with foreign guests in the future.  Lessons such as the one on June 10th will help us improve our hospitality to diverse guests.