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  • 高校2年1組 SGコース探究科:「食と社会文化」 / Groupwork for "Food and Society"


高校2年1組 SGコース探究科:「食と社会文化」 / Groupwork for "Food and Society"




Currently, the SG 2nd Grade students are investigating the relationships of food to various social issues for their Tankyu class (research projects).  The students have formed groups, and are studying 6 different facets of food’s relationship to society.

Two groups are looking into the effects of diet on nutrition.  Different countries have different diets, but all people need the same general nutritional requirements (vitamins, minerals, protein, etc.).  How does each culture’s diet affect the societies’ nutritional health?

Over the past few weeks, the students have been preparing posters and speeches to discuss their findings. We are all looking forward to seeing what they have learned, and in turn, what they can teach us.