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  • 新SGクラス(高校2年1組) コンセンサスゲーム / New SG Class (High school 2-1) Consensus game


新SGクラス(高校2年1組) コンセンサスゲーム / New SG Class (High school 2-1) Consensus game









※1 コンセンサス・・・全員の合意


   Cross-curriculum active learning has been introduced to the newly-established SG Class (a course for 2nd grade high school students). This will help foster problem solving and communication skills, along with developing a diversified view on the world. 


   In maths class today, the new 2-1 SG class played a game called Consensus. Numbers and formulas were barely used in the class. The theme was “Escape from the Moon”. The students had to choose a limited number of items necessary for the escape. First, students made decisions individually: each student had to decide the items they needed. Next, in groups, the students ranked the items in order of importance using group decision making skills. Using the rules of the consensus game, each group had to unanimously decide which items to use.  Finally, the students compared their answer to the model answer to decide the winning group. Comparing their individual conclusion with the group conclusion, they learned that the group conclusion was closer to the model answer.


   In this class, the students learned the value of individual opinions, but also the importance of group decisions. In the survey done after class, the students wrote: “By trying to persuade my partner, I could better understand my own thinking.”, “I want to discuss and value the opinions of the minority people in a group.”, It was interesting to see that there are people who think differently to me or have different ideas.”, “Some students thought different items were necessary to my own list of items.”


   Through this class, the students realised the importance of being able to reach a group decision. It will help them a lot when working together in a team.