Whole View of School Building  (from the Southeast)
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7-10-38, Torikai, Jonan-ku,Fukuoka-shi,814-0103, JAPAN
(※10 Minutes from Nishijin or Befu Station)

1. Spirits of Foundation

Lecture Hall Expressed the Mind of the Founder.

1. Foundation of Human Education

We bring up our students into the people with the awareness as Japanese, and develop them to have their wills, rich feelings and diligence.

2. Foundation of Educational Practices

We make efforts to practice our faith, "My appearance expresses my inside".

3. Foundation of Educational Instructions

We bring them up into the women with their high intelligence and morality based on our purposes of girls' education.

2. Educational Policies

1.We bring them up into the people with their awareness as Japanese and manners to respect to Japanese tradition and culture.

2.We practice our human education that our school mottos "Integrity, Gratitude and Effort" expresses, and bring them up into the healthy and polite women with their independence and sociality.

3.We instruct them about their course properly for their future, and develop their basic scholastic abilities so that they will grant their future dreams.

  • Cooking Lecture Room

    Teacher shows the examples here before students cook.
  • Moon's and Star's Garden

    This is aerial garden in the 3rd floor. We enjoy trees and flowers from season to season.

3. Characteristics of Our School and Education School mottos "Integrity, Gratitude and Effort"

Career Guidance Room

Our staffs support our students kindly so that each of them realizes their future dreams.

We bring them up into the women with high intelligence and morality according to our aims shown below.

  • High scholastic abilities
  • Mind as Japanese
  • Bringing up into independent women
  • Extension of their view and self-realization
  • Course arrange to grant dreams
  • Development of high international abilities

4. Course Arrange

Class Room

They are lighted up by sunlight. They are bright, breathable and comfortable.

In each course, our students aim to enter the following school of higher grade.

  1. 1. Super special advanced V course…National universities having their higher hurdles more than Kyushu University
  2. 2. Special advanced V course
    …National and public universities
  3. 3. Special advanced S course
    …Private universities having their high hurdles in Kanto and Kansai area
  4. 4. General advanced course…Local universities, junior colleges and technical schools

5. Representative School Events

  • Apr Entrance ceremony, Opening ceremony of the 1st term
  • May Midterm exams of the 1st term, Athletic festival
  • Jul Term-end exams of the 1st term
  • Sep Cultural festival, School trip, Closing ceremony of the 1st term
  • Oct Opening ceremony of the latter term, Midterm exams of the latter term
  • Nov Art viewings (drama, music, Japanese traditional arts, etc.)
  • Dec Term-end exams of the latter term
  • Feb Farewell party, Entrance exams, Year-end exams
  • Mar Graduation ceremony, Closing ceremony of the latter term
  • Athletic Festival

    Our students are divided into 4 blocks and compete. They unite regardless of their grades.
  • Cultural Festival

    This is aerial garden in the 3rd floor. We enjoy trees and flowers from season to season.

6. Acceptance of Foreign Students

Foreign Students Were Challenging Tea Ceremony

First Experience of Naginata

They Experienced Seal-engraving in Calligraphy

Destinations during their stay
(short-term stay from our sister schools)

  • Dazaifu Tenman-gu Shrine, Kyushu national museum
  • Mt. Aso, Kumamoto-jo Castle
  • Karatsu-jo Castle, Kokura-jo Castle
  • Peace park, Site of the Martyrdom of the 26 Saints in Nagasaki, etc.

1. Results and state of acceptance

We have the one-year's student from Taiwan now. So far, we have accepted short-term and long-term students who came from USA, Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore, etc. And, we have accepted short-term students from St. Francis high school which is our sister school in USA every year. Our students visit there every year in March, too. For reference, our junior high school students stay for the short-term in Perth, Australia now.

2. Experience of Japanese culture

You can study about the Japanese pop culture in your countries. However, you will be able to experience Japanese traditional culture in our school. Not to mention tea ceremony, flower arrangement and calligraphy, you will be able to experience koto, naginata, kendo, etc. We hope you will experience various traditional culture.

3. About acceptance

If you will study for a short-term, you will take homestay. If for a long-term, you will be able to stay in our dormitory. We have an American full-time teacher and another part-time one.

4. Rules for foreign students

・If you will ask us through the proper agency, we will be able to accept you more smoothly. We suggest to you to use such an agency.

・Because we have our detailed rules, we hope that you will ask us about the details.

TEL: +81-92-831-0981  FAX: +81-92-831-0985